A small group of islands found on the Lake of Battles behind the academy. It houses a number of facilities and many formidable frontier brains. The list for the brains will be posted soon. The auditions will be held in the Pokemon Theater.

Brain-in-charge: Emerald

Frontier BrainsEdit

Glalie Kokoro

Glalie "Glal" Kokoro is the Hall Executive, head of the Battle Hall. He others the Nostalgic Symbol upon victory. His entire Pokemon arsenal contains thirteen Pokemon, however, as yet he has only used nine of those in battles. The nine he has used are:-

Species Nickname Type Attacks Ability
Glalie Akaime Ice Avalanche, Earthquake, Crunch, Explosion Inner Focus
Starmie Mizuhoshi Water / Psychic Surf, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam Natural Cure
Umbreon Tsukuyomi Dark Payback, Curse, Toxic, Wish Synchronize
Glalie Oni Ice Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Water Pulse, Blizzard Ice Body
Medicham Yoda Fighting / Psychic Force Palm, Psycho Cut, ThunderPunch, Ice Punch Pure Power
Machamp Hulk Fighting Close Combat, Stone Edge, Bullet Punch, Fire Punch No Guard
Jynx Geisha Ice / Psychic Ice Beam, Lovely Kiss, Substitute, Dream Eater Forewarn
Glaceon Grace Ice Ice Beam, Roar, Mirror Coat, Wish Snow Cloak
Tentacruel Squidward Water / Poison Surf, Sludge Bomb, Mirror Coat, Toxic Spikes Clear Body

Trainers who wish to battle Glal must first make their way through the battle hall. In total they must complete a number of campaigns, each campaign begins in a room with three doorways.
Lights above the door ways flash, the trainer must then proceed through the door that the lights indicate, however as the campaign continues the number of lights gets more and more, and certain twists take place. Once you reached the last room the lights indicate you must battle a trainer.

After completing three compaigns Trainer may battle Glal for the Silver Nostalgic Print and then, upon completeling it a further ten times they battle him for the Gold Nostalgic Print