"I am here to guide you through your journey here in this academy. Thus, I shall listen to your questions."

-Hoshigaki Saki

"You crazy mother! I'm here, too, you know!"

-Hoshigaki Sayuri

Why did you create the Pokemon Special Academy?

"The academy was establish for the sake of the 'School Fanfic' that gain great popularity in the original PokeSpe FC. Soon, a number of smaller threads started popping up out of nowhere and were pretty much related to the the same thing---school. So here in the academy, we can compile those threads into one definite place."

How can I join the academy?

1. Sign up for the website.

2. Enter your data in the Students page.

That's what all you need to do to join us.

I'm from MangaFox. Can I still use my username here?

"Of course you may~! ♥"



"Stop being retarded, for Arceus' sake!!"

"Fine, fine...Anyways, the usage of MangaFox usernames here is quite advisable for the reason that we can easily identify you. But you may also use a new username if necessary."

Where can I post threads/discuss topics?

You can discuss topics in either the Discussion Pages for the pages, or in the Forums for random academy-related topics.

Are their any rankings in the academic system?

There are currently no rankings in the academic system, but we do allow students to apply for Facility Heads. Certain conditions must be met before applying for these, though.